About Rich Continents

Year 2270
The population has decreased by 85 percent, the world is on the verge of destruction and is in danger of extinction. A handful of scientists trying to save the world have discovered a gateway to parallel universes. They found a universe very similar to Earth, and sent a few volunteer travelers to research it to see if it was habitable. The first team to go to this parallel world encountered something very interesting. This universe looked very much like their own world, but apart from wild animals, there was no sign of life. There was a society that existed before, but it was as if they had suddenly disappeared.

Thereupon, the volunteer travel team began to wander this new planet every inch and look for signs of life. After a while, they discovered a mine they called Ricnatum. They realized that this mineral formed the foundation stone of the planet.

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Travel Vehicles


Continent Travels


Game Interface

You can examine a 3D Model and concept from the right side about some of the content you can find in the Rich Continents game.

Rich Continents
3D Models & Object
Expandable Game Story
Virtual Reality Support
Multiplayer Gameplay

NFT Marketplace

Here are some NFT designs that you will come across with our upcoming Rich Continents game.

How to use NFT Marketplace


Rich Continents $RCNT Token Tokenomic structure is as shown below.

4% Liquidity Fee

It adds to the liquidity pool in every trade. It is important to avoid damage to the project.

4% Reward Fee

It gives shares to other RCNT holders on every trade.

4% Marketing Fee

It gives a share to the marketing wallet in every purchase and sale.

The 4% commission taken for market and marketing creates a dump after the sale if it accumulates, and for this reason, sales are made automatically without allowing savings in the market wallet. For example; Instead of dumping the chart by selling $1,000 at once, we keep the chart healthy by selling $5, $10.


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

Q4 2021

$RCNT launch Pancakeswap

Website development

Community & social media account

Listing on coin vote sites

+250 Community (Telegram)

+500 Twitter Followers

Q1 2022

+1.500 $RCNT Holders

+2.000 Community (Telegram)

+2.000 Twitter Followers

Q2 2022

+2.000 $RCNT Holders

Giveaway Event

Community improvements

AMA Event

NFT Gift/Airdrop

NFT Marketplace

Rich Continents Metaverse game preview

Smart Contract Audit

Q3 2022

New listing

NFT collection

Game Beta Version Special Reward Distribution

+3.000 $RCNT Holders

Q4 2022

New Private NFT collection

Rich Continents Metaverse Game Beta Version

Game Beta Version Special Reward Distribution

Q1 2023

Rich Continents Metaverse Game Preview

$RCNTG launch Pancakeswap

Smart Contract Audit

Listing on coin vote sites

New Listing for $RCNT and $RCNTG

Award event exclusive to game launch


You can see the certificates proving that our project is a reliable project below.

How to Buy? $RCNT

First, download and install the MetaMask extension to your internet browser. Connect Binance Smart Chain with your MetaMask. Make sure you have BNB coins in your MetaMask wallet. Add $RCNT to MetaMask.

  • Token Contract Address
  • Token Symbol
  • Decimals

Connect MetaMask with PancakeSwap. Go to PancakeSwap click on the Connect button on the top right corner of your screen. Select a currency, paste the $RCNT token contract address and add it to the exchange.

The last step is to swap your BNB for $RCNT. Put in the amount you wish to swap and click on “Swap”. If your transaction fails, you may want to adjust your Slippage Rate to 12%. If that doesn’t work try to increase it by 1% incrementally. After a successful swap, your MetaMask Extension will pop up asking you to confirm the transaction.